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Friday, January 20, 2012

CROTCH Carriers & FORWARD Facing OR Facing OUT Babies

The issues with crotch carriers and facing forward/out babies are NOT about safety, but more on the developmental effects on babies being worn in this type of carrier or worn in such position.

Please find the articles here on issues with regards to crotch carriers and facing out babies:

Comparison picture of crotch carrier (left) & ergonomic carrier (right)

Q: My baby really wants to look around

A: Alternative carries e.g. hip carry (baby is carried on the hip), back carry (baby is on your back & can look forward/around) using an ergonomic baby carrier.

Q: My baby's legs will be "kangkang" or spread apart in those wide-based carriers. I prefer a narrow base since there wlll be less "kangkang"

A: A wrap is highly versatile & can be adjusted exactly to your baby's legs width.
An ergonomic structured carrier will support your baby's thighs/legs.
A ring sling can be worn in front/back/hip and still avoid the crotch carrier problems.
A mei tai can be cinched smaller to accommodate your smaller baby.

Feel free to add more links if you found any or forward this page to anyone whom you feel can benefit from these articles.

For further reading on the MBW forum:

Written by: Farrah Rahim..

this is ME n Rufaidah using MERAK Buckle Tai by NEEZANEEDLES

Life is a learning process..

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